Cancer Prevention

Organic Food

IHS Philosophy:

  • “Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure”
  • Foundational health is the basis of all health, and inherent in improving any disease condition
  • Many cellular pathways predispose to cancer development (i.e. Glucose, Detoxification, Immune, Oxygen, Hormones).
  • Cancer can be resistant to chemotherapy and radiation treatments
  • Most cancer patients combine additional wellness therapies with standard medical care to  improve the quality and quantity of their lives



Prevention and optimization approach for reducing cancer risk:Cancer Thermogram

  1. psychoemotional support (hope, knowledge, action)
  2. oxygenation/circulation
  3. blood sugar and insulin balance
  4. detoxification and elimination support
  5. immune system support
  6. hormone balance and hormone management
  7. structural integrity
  8. effective sleep, rest, and exercise
  9. gastrointestinal function
  10. low glycemic diet rich in vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables
    and greens