Foundational Health Support

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Integrated Health Solutions (IHS) is a healthcare clinic offering health analysis and support based on a “Foundational Health” model of care.  The goal of Foundational Health analysis and support involves a focus of prevention, maintenance, and optimization of “bodymind” systems and function, regardless of the presence or absence of disease. In the healthcare industry today, terminology such as holistic health, complementary health, alternative health, functional medicine, etc. can be used to describe healthcare techniques and services which are beyond (or instead-of) standard medical disease focused care. IHS, however,  provides “Integrated” approaches to healing by bridging standard medical care approaches with holistic programs through a “Foundational Health” model of care.

Foundational Health is based on the belief in a “wellness only” model of health. That is, whatever the current stFoundational Health Staffate of health is for an individual, it is based on an “inherent system” of health which supports the individual’s highest needs and goals (either conscious or subconscious) at any given moment in time, based on their own unique circumstances. Foundational Health views body/mind/spiritual health as a system of priorities and responses. This system operates as an integrated whole upon which all structure and function is based, and includes disease as a part of the spectrum of health based on those priorities. Foundational Health reflects the highest needs and capability of the individual at that moment in time, and is therefore not considered a failure when function changes, even if disease exists. Functional changes represent adaptation responses to the individual’s healthcare priorities, biological individuality (i.e genetics), and system challenges.