Integrative Oncology

Integrative Oncology Image

Integrative oncology refers to cancer care which blends standard medical oncology with other cancer care strategies to enhance the health of the individual patient challenged with cancer, and support optimal outcomes. Standard medical cancer care includes the use of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and pharmacology.  Integrative cancer care includes the use of strategies such as low dose chemotherapy, other IV therapies, nutrition, natural supplementation, herbs, and many other holistic modalities. Integrative oncology may be provided by a variety of healthcare practitioners who have special expertise and training in integrative cancer care strategies including:

  1. classical oncologists (medical physicians board certified in oncology)
  2. integrative oncologists (medical physicians with various specialty backgrounds in standard medical care, such as, emergency medicine, family practice, etc.)
  3. other healthcare practitioners (nurse practitioners, nurses, chiropractors, naturopaths, homeopathic physicians, nutritionists,  etc.)

Integrated Health Solutions (IHS) provides integrative oncology services which include:

  1. obtaining comprehensive history information and evaluating health status
  2. comprehensive lab analysis
  3. cancer screening and surveillance with thermography
  4. cancer blood testing
  5. nutritional analysis
  6. nutritional and herbal supplementation
  7. adjunctive therapies (i.e. oxygen support and supplement)
  8. cancer treatment plan consultation and collaborative care management with all members of the patients chosen healthcare team (including accompanying the patient to oncology appointments , and referral to other healthcare providers with special expertise)