Sylvia Philpy NP, MSN, CNS – Clinical Director

Integrated Health Solutions LLC.Sylvia Philpy NP, MSN – Clinical Director

Sylvia Philpy is a Masters prepared Nurse Practitioner with over 25 years of experience in nursing, including 8 years of experience in complimentary/alternative healthcare. She is currently the co-owner and clinical director of Integrated Health Solutions in Colorado Springs.  She has background and certifications in Holistic Nursing from the University of Colorado, mind/body training from Harvard Medical School’s Mind/Body Institute, healing touch certification from Healing Touch International, and Ayurvedic medicine training from The Chopra Center in San Diego. Sylvia provides “foundational health” assessments, and clinically guided nutritional supplementation, to clients seeking an integrated approach to their healthcare concerns.

Integrative oncology is of special interest to Sylvia, and she works closely with Dr. Sean Devlin, a nationally recognized integrative medical specialist, to bring the most current, innovative cancer support program to Integrated Health Solutions. In addition, Sylvia is a Level III certified clinical thermographer providing non-radiation body scanning for breast cancer screening, and for general health assessment. She believes strongly in the Intelligence and Love that has created the opportunity for life and health in every person.